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Most outlandish destinations in Asia

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Inevitably today the humans have got almost every answer behind nature’s dynamism. The history is a witness of our growth and mythological break, but it is interesting when the mother nature plays a treasure hunt with us and does not solve the mystery once and for all. Then human accepts it as the way they are. We have got some inscrutable places in Asia that will make you belief on some unexplainable facts.

Unknown secret vault of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple” In Kerala, India

Awaken with the memories of very popular HP series “The Chambers of Secret” which had (you know I am talking about who) “his” black magic secrets, and landing to such a place in real actually gives jitters to the visitors.

As termed, it is one of the mystifying temples located in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India.

The temple annunciates for a strict entry of those who proclaims faith in Hinduism which implies that one has to be a pure follower of Hinduism religion.

The most interesting and captivating thing about the place is that the temple has six enormous vaults and some related antechambers possibly and 5 out of which at some point had been opened.

A monstrous, explicable chamber with a symbol of “Serpent” stands like an Unsolved Riddle. Each and every visitor looks at the vault as it wants to tell a mystery of “How is it closed since long?”

Fabler believes that it will be opened through a particular way of chanting shlokas dedicated to the deity. Un-following of the procedure may lead to some unavoidable disaster. There is a blow –by –blow ritual which is yet to be disclosed.

Adam’ Bridge

Adam’s bridge is also known as Ram’s bridge or Ram Setu.

Valmiki who wrote a propitious Indian Sanskrit epic Ramayana as per Hinduism belief had the announcement of the bridge. It is stated that the bridge was a crossway made by Lord Rama (hero of Ramayana ) to rescue his wife Sita who was abducted by devil king Ravana. The bridge is believed to be built by the assistance of Ram’s Younger brother Lakshman and Hanuman with his ape army.

It is a thirty km long bridge interconnecting Rameshawaram Island, off the southeastern coat of Tamil Nadu, India and Mannar island , off the northwestern coast of Sri lanka.

Prodigious tech -Ajanta and Ellora caves- fine example of brilliance in architecture!

Located in Maharashtra, India Ajanta and Ellora caves, is one of the spots which people visit after reading about its fascinating architecture. It is a masterpiece of Indian art and architecture. Ajanta is the 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments whereas Ellora caves are a combination of 34 caves.

The awestruck fact about these caves is that they are cutout of a big rock. No bricks No concrete…! Well that is made with simple tools like hammers and chisel. The caves are not only a dome shaped structure but the walls of the caves have beautiful carved painting and sculptures. The monks who are believed to live here had carved some revelations and stories about History.

The sites were announced as UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. It is also a protected monument which is taken care by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Hair- raising 90 feet deep Patal Bhuvaneshwar

A lime stone cave which has the most histrionic entrance or opening leading to number of caves which will end up with an experience-not –to be forgotten. Getting down to that narrow channel is Bravo-you could do it with your group. Not everyone does it! “The cave is believed to be as old as earth itself” written outside the temple. The moment you step inside the cave it will give you a chilling- feeling as it has strong and cold breeze. The first discovery was made by Rituparna" of Suraya Dynasty during the "Tretayuga" (Mythological History). The cave is (0 feet deep and the formation of the rocks are strangely connected to some famous mythological characters like after visiting once can see the feet of stoned Airavat. The Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave temple is not one cave but a series of interconnected caves which hold unknown mysteries. There are four entrances inside the cave and it is believed that each door is related to some spiritual deed. Out of which 2 have already been closed and two are still opened.

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