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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person what makes the one is your behaviour”. The statement is glued as the only thing we all have heard growing up in this hard life.

Mature-Mate- Die!

Yeah that’s right a drone (male bee) in a bee hive has a primary role of mating with an unfertilised queen. As per the study a beehive has three types of bees-Queen Bee- Worker Bees- Drone. Unlike worker bees who are busy in working hard to make honey by collecting nectar, drones preferably eat and mate with the queen bee of a hive. Wow and that makes drone’s behaviour so influential after reading this. Not only this they also happened to have a congregation area to mate. Drones Chooses to mate during flights as to provide them a great vision! That’s amazing to know how clear a drone is while doing it. With more clarity it goes with a wait by drone for the queen to come away from beehive which is also called “mating area” the area is chosen and is typically 10-40m above ground. The area is away from trees and hills as to protect them from strong breeze --may be to avoid disturbance.

Never get into a pissing contest with a Lobster!

A lobster with Gruyere grated cheese, with some extra cheddar, garnish with freshly ground black pepper let your mouth gush out of water--- A lobster gourmet knows it well!

The American lobster urinates not from some posterior hind body part but from its front face. Seriously that’s is so urinated fact about our favourite Crustaceans. Consequently, when two lobsters are fighting so the one who peed at first hand is actually using its water gun to attack. This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable in human society.

Know -How

A lobster has two bladders which holds amount of urine and when the lobster squirts through a pair of muscular nozzles beneath its antennae therefore the urine is excreted.

Mind your own Job You Anti --Worker

Ant is an insect which have been found in every part of the world. To every corner they are known for their social and hardworking skills. For an anti- worker the study of ants’ behaviour can be an eye opener. Every ant colony (anthill) has some already decided jobs which are executed by ants in it. With great understanding and management, they divide their jobs among them.

The queen ant or ants will have to only lay eggs. The other female ants or commonly called worker ants are workers; out of which feed the larvae (amateur ants), maintain the cleanliness in the colony, storage of food and looks after the supplies to the other ant members of the colony, defending the anthill from attackers, getting food and cautiously storing it so as to make sure that the food stored will have to be enough for winters. Male ants’ job is to only mate with the queen and to be responsible for its fertilisation.

Holding each other with T-A-L-E-S

Sea horses who are known for their romance and couple love is an enchanting inspiration for humans who have been in like real love life.

It is one of the strangest life style that study has come across about seahorse’s way of expressing fondness to their partners. The female and male sea-horse meet every morning to reinforce their pair bonding. The study says that they spend their life with A Partner for their entire life.

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