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Some trending Sanskrit WhatsApp status to put.

Why not have a Life mantra which is as sassy as a confident person. A status speaks a lot about your mood and thought. Check out these filtred one-liner powerful sanskrit shlokas which are trending on #instabio #whatsappstatus.

कालमतिवर्तन्ते महान्तः स्वेषु कर्मसु

The above quote is apt for those who believe that working on time is a way to be successful.” Great people never delay their duties.” Is the exact meaning of the quote.

उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि मनोरथै: ।

The above Sanskrit shloka is a witty thought as it means that "A work finishes after a great hard work, nor to only keep thinking about it".

पदं हि सर्वत्र गुणैर्निधीयते

This one-liner is so subtle yet speak an amazing truth of life that means "Good qualities would leave their impression everywhere." It gets noticed even when it is not highlighted. So, if you think that you have something which will be in the LIMELIGHT by people gradually then make this as your current status.

अस्मासु प्रत्येकः तस्य नियतेः अधिपतिः

“My life My rules” has been a very popular status. Here a powerful quote that says that Each of us is a Master of our own destiny. A very strong message to be taken as life quote.

सदैव स्वात्मानं प्रति सत्येन वर्तस्व

"Be true to yourself "because the one who is true to himself is indeed a warrior. People spend years finding them, what they want, what they love etc. Therefore, if you know then, you have achieved a vision in your life. Keep working!

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