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This amazing creature has its inspiring kingdom !

Updated: May 25, 2020

Honey bees are studied for their selfless contributions to the nature. Here are some fetching facts about this compassionate insect.

No delicacies to ordinary Honey bees!

Honey bee eating honey has always been a controversial statement, so without putting a halt to the argument, it is revealing that larvae (young bees) anticipated eggs, to be queen bee are fed ROYAL JELLY. The not so lucky other eggs are treated with honey stored by bees to feed young ones. Biased creatures! After this, a swarm can be seen as a Protest against equal food rights…!

Honey- Is it bees’ puke?

A naturally sweet substance which compliments almost every food or meal. A tablespoon of honey is all set to give you a very likely taste even to your diet food and drinks. Bees collect honey and put it in their Honey Stomach which after regurgitation and enzymatic activity gets its flavour and consistency. However, the honey stomach is dorsal to actual food stomach of insect.

Ringing Bell once the food is Ready.

After the long trail of efforts, the sense of a finished work is something that we all term as happiness. Nectar turning honey takes its own natural time to evolve, therefore, Honey bees after storing honey in the hive’s combs supervise the refined quality of it. It is interesting to know that once it is ready, it is stunningly sealed by bees ensuring that the honey is ready!

Mating behaviour

The drones other than worker and queen bee make a beehive. Drones have only one responsibility in its entire life which is to “MATE”.

A surprising extravaganza to QUEEN is that she gets fertilised after mating several drones during her mating flight.

Queen bee gets to see male waiting for her to mate.

Every bee in the hive has different specific duties to follow. The queen bee has choices to get fertilized, she has an intended flight to mate. The queen bee mates with several drones (males) at one flight. Adding to extravaganza not only this, Honey bee gets to see male waiting for her to mate.

Wiggle Waggle

Food is expressive therefore, spread it through dance!

Intriguing it is because when a honey bee locates a rich source of nectar then it flies back to the hive and communicate it to the other bees doing a round dance. It is called Waggle. However, bees have always surprised humans with their living way in environment.

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