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5 Unique and Beautiful messages to send with wedding invitation.

When it comes to send invitation we want that invite must go with the correct tone after all you want your friends and family to be a part for your BIG Day.

Therefore, it is important that they should know the value of their presence.

Pick any invitation message and send them with lots of love.

  • A marriage is a collection of happy moments so come and let’s make the most of this gathering where the new bonds and memories will shine throughout. We request your kind presence at our daughter's wedding on...

The message can be sent either by couple or on their behalf with some edits.

  • Wedding is a wonderful time because it celebrates life and series of events. We invite you to cherish all such amazing moments and create a beautiful album for our bride and groom.

  • You are invited in our joy as we exchange our marriage vows. Your gracious presence will intensify our happiness on our Big Day.

Send the message with "Save the Date"

  • Wedding is not only a bride and groom affair, it is a roller coaster of laughter, joy and madness, that each one of you be a part of and make it Grand. Please come and join us as we begin our new journey of life.

The message clearly tells that you want your family and friends to be there wit you as you make some new and amazing engagements

  • Your warm presence and smiling face will have the aisle lightened up as we walk down to exchange our marriage vows. Our Wedding Day glorifies more with you.

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